Empress Vampire (2010) (V)

Synopsis : The revelry of a chic Halloween live it up is shattered by gunshots for two equipped robbers commit to fleece the looking good patrons of their capital riches in addition to jewels.
Film Director : Phil Condit
Release Date : 2010
Starring : Ange Maya as Empress Vampire, Tom Cochran as Secretary of Defense Arthur Hayes, Beau Nelson as Dan Higgins / Halloween Party Jason, Laura Cotenescu as Ariana, Garrett Brawith as Ivor Helsing, Zachary Ryan Block as Joerg Von Helsing, Megan Cordero as Trish, Shanna Beauchamp as Vampire Samora, Jake Girowski as Jim Thornton, Jack Huang as Chinese Emperor (as J.C. Achilles), Tina Tanzer as Vampire Elissa, Rachael Owens as Vampire Candace, Gary Private as Secret Service Agent Dirk, Dillon C. McCarty as Secret Service Agent Atwell, Beverly Swanson as Vampire Eva, Daniella Love as Vampire Angelica, Candace Christen Yath as Vampire Alexandria, Clint Jung as Detective Bill Warren, Chad Curtis Wood as Coroner DOC, Martin Bell as Tom Brady, Britt Prentice as Joseph Von Helsing, Rik Baron as Heinrich, C.J. Sindayen as Teen Cindy, Sonam Arvind Dhage as Teen Mandy, Andrea Ellsworth as Teen KC, Jesse Wang as Chinese Scientist Tao, Don Chao as Chinese Scientist Liu, Aoni Ma as Chinese Imperial, Jennifer Taing as Chinese Nursemaid Wu, Stephanie Lopez as Bartender Pauline, John Wilhovsky as FBI Agent Michaels, Michael Hollins as FBI Agent Childers, Monique Feger as FBI Agent Lola, Mark Vafiades as FBI Agent Gerald, Dan Leech as FBI Agent Davis, Nico East as FBI Agent Cooke, Logan O'Troy as FBI Agent Blaylock, Able Wanamakok as FBI Agent Qiao, Darren Lebrecht as Robber Butch, Emily Dykes as Lily, Katherine Hynes as News Reporter, Kaleti Williams as Butler Ju Ren, Thomas Harvey as Tim, Juliet Ladines as Vampire Dancer Huang, Elizabeth Giran as Vampire Dancer Hou, Amy Purpura as Vampire Dancer Xi, Alexie Agdeppa as Vampire Dancer Xue, Betsy Brea as Vampire Dancer Gui, Alexandria Storm as Sleepwalking Victim, Jessica Whitaker as Virginia, Harry Allen as Empress' Chinese Lover Zhao, Jerry Ying as Empress' Chinese Lover Sun, Amy Ko as Li, Sylvia Panacione as Irina Helsing, Phil Condit as Gentleman Von Helsing, Darrien Skylar as Child Von Helsing, Laura Rosas as Mother Von Helsing, Chuck Loring as Father Von Helsing, Afoma Eguh-Okafor as African Lady, James Karroum as Monk, Gary Casey as Magician, Leslie Ezeh as Riley, Justin Ferrari as Police Officer Yates, Charles Ausbrooks as Son of Empress, Frank Giarmona as Wild Man, Sholeh Ashtiani as Gypsy, David Mosk as Ivan the Conjurer, Eric Franklin Schwarz as Parking Valet, Dawn Stevens as Veiled Lady, Andrew Rosas as Neo, Anna Yosin as Halloween Party Waitress, Brandon Feerer as Cowboy, Gordon Plaisted as Prison Guard, David B. Corrales as Egyptian Pharaoh, Leanna Angud as Lil' Miss Muffet, Joe Kamimura as Clinton, Ronnel Canlapan as Snake Charmer, Andrew Balani as Sports Fan, Erwyn Togno as Sports Fan 2, John Austin as Bartender William, Candace Christen as Halloween Party Boxer, Daniela Danilov as Vampire Angelica, Willow Hale as Gypsy, Dawn Hope Stevens as Halloween Party Veiled Lady, Marcus Johnson as Robber Needles, Victoria Lee as Halloween Party Rag Doll, Eric Schwartz as Parking Valet, Betty Sindayen as Teen Cindy
Genre : Action, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Thriller
Details : / USA / Ange Maya Pictures

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