Ninjas vs. Monsters (2012)

Synopsis : In this end installment, the Ninjas with their friends assess each other pitted opposed to the numerous evil with memorable monsters of one another the entirety – Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, with MORE! Loaded also martial arts action, bloody horror, gun play, magic, comedy, pop-culture references, with a tightly woven twist-filled plot.
Film Director : Justin Timpane
Release Date : 2012
Starring : Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Jay Saunders, Devon Brookshire, P.J. Megaw, Dan Guy, Carla Okouchi, Jasmine Guillermo, Sam Lukowski, Elliot Kashner, Daniel Mascarello, Lyon Beckwith, Mina Noorbakhsh, Vicki Parks, Tori Bertocci, Alexia Poe, Ali Lukowski, Tara Moore
Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror
Details : ADF Studios | USA:90 min | USA

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